How To Find the Best Fishing Rod

Having the right equipment is as important in fishing as it is in any sport. Too bad many anglers fail to know that a fishing rod is one of the vital tools for catching fish. Let’s be real. How many times have you gone fishing and got your chance to glory? Or made accurate casts with your rod to even catch a small fish? Well, the best fishing rod can allow you to cast baits accurately, detect more strikes, and set the hook to catch fish.

Best Fishing Rod

Choosing the Best Fishing Rod

Whether you are a novice or expert angler, this comprehensive guide will be invaluable when shopping for a fishing rod.

1) Length of Fishing Rod

The length is a crucial element to consider when selecting the best fishing rod. The topic on rod length can, however, lead to a debate among anglers.
The length matters in that the longer the fishing rod, the farther the reach and the longer the cast.

Longer rods

they are good at balancing pressure applied against the jumps and surges of a hooked fish. Longer rods also pick up more line on a hook set which can be helpful when you are caught out of position for a great swing.

shorter rods

On the other hand, the shorter rods are stiff, super-light and bend throughout the better part of the pole. A smaller rod also means that the line pound test is going to be smaller and lighter. For example, a 5ft fishing pole may be rated for line up to 5lbs, restricting the size that can successfully be landed. These shorter and lighter rods are, therefore, designed to catch small fish.

2) Action

Best Fishing Rod action

Action describes how the rod bends when you apply pressure to the tip. A rod’s action affects the sensitivity of the tip and how the rod casts.
A heavier, faster action will cast heavier baits while a lighter, slower action better suits lighter baits. A slower or lighter action makes it hard to set the hook when a fish strikes while a heavy action allows you to drive a hook into a fish’s mouth. A heavy action rod will be ideal if you are out fishing and want to cast into a strike rather than set the hook.

3) Power

Best Fishing Rod power

This is the force or energy needed to bend a fishing rod. You will need more power to pull the catch when using a short and thicker rod. Casting with a less power rod is better as it helps in setting the hook without tearing it out of a soft-mouthed fish like trout and salmon.
Fishing rod manufacturers categorize rods as heavy, medium or light. You may also come across rods that are in-between levels like medium/heavy or medium/light. Top-tier rod companies describe the power rating of rods with a number system, usually, one through five – one means light power and five means heavy power.
Finding the perfect power rating for your fishing needs is essential in getting the best fishing rod.

4) The Rod Material

Today’s fishing rods are made of fiberglass and graphite. Fiberglass is more economical and offers a great blend of features like sensitivity, longevity, and light weight. Graphite is a more sophisticated material which is stiffer, more sensitive and more expensive than fiberglass.
Graphite casting rods are the best because they are light and nimble. These features are great if you want longer and more active fishing.

5) Saltwater or Freshwater

While there are rods that can crossover between saltwater and freshwater, the vast majority of rods are designed for specific applications. The rod components and layout may make it difficult for a fishing rod to perform outside the intended waters and in adverse cases fail completely.
Ensure you use a rod that is built for the intended purpose. For saltwater fishing, choose a rod that is designed to withstand corrosion. The tip top and guides should be made of non-corroding materials like graphite and stainless steel.

6) Conclusion

Choosing the best fishing rod may not instantly make you a better angler, but a wrong one will be a limiting factor. Your fishing rod is a tool, and a good craftsman will always perform better with a good tool. Consider the above factors when shopping for a rod if you want to increase your chances of getting a catch and have an enjoyable fishing experience.

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