How to Catch Striped Bass – Tips and Techniques

The striped bass has fascinated fishers for ages. The fish has several names depending where you are located, like the linesider, pimpfish, or the rockfish. The striped bass was the go-to fish for the early settlers of this country because it is abundant in North America. Attempting to catch striped bass is definitely worth your time in more ways than one.

How to Catch Striped Bass

Know When the Striped Bass Feeds

One of the most important things to learn when you are trying to catch striped bass is how this particular fish feeds. The bass eats throughout the day, but knowing when can be difficult. You have a better chance of catching a fish if you get it during one of its feeding frenzies. Consider the following:

– Striped bass do not usually feed during daylight.
– The fish feeds at night, but it is random.
– Feeding cycles are strongest at dusk or dawn.

Learn the Behaviors of the Striped Bass

Another important lesson to learn when you are trying to catch striped bass deals with the way the fish behaves throughout the year. All you have to do is pay attention to some of the following:

– The bass feeds near the surface during spring and autumn.
– This fish are known to roam shallow waters during autumn and spring.
– During the summer this fish goes deep in the water.
– Striped bass like to stay near the surface at all times when the winter hits, making it a great time        for winter fishing.

It should be noted that the striped bass loves fast-moving water. This means that you need to look for heavy currents when you are fishing. Another good time to hunt for this fish is about two hours before the tide rises. Before and after storm fronts are great for this type of fish, not to mention windy days.

Of course, they do love areas where there is a little moonlight.

Find Out What the Fish Eats

Another important tool to have in your arsenal to catch striped bass is knowing the types of food the fish eats. A lot of this deals with the time of year, which helps dictate the age of the bait, but that does not mean that you cannot speculate.

There are a number of targets that are known to attract striped bass like the following:

– Minnows
– Smelt
– Ship Jack

These are just a few of the fish that striped bass love and usually cannot resist, meaning they make great bait. Remember that the fish’s feeding frenzy usually lasts a few minutes in a day. The frenzy will look like the water is boiling in one area. It is simply a swarm of striped bass feeding. This lasts only a moment, but it’s a great place to catch one of the fish.

Good Fishing Techniques to Remember

You should also know a few techniques that might help ensure that you catch your prey. Consider the following:

– Use naturally-colored bait in clear waters, but use colorful bait when the water is cloudy.
– Reel in quickly because this fish loves the hunt.
– Use a teaser in front of your baited hook to make your line a little more alluring.

These are just ideas; it is always best to get out there, and just start fishing. There is only so much that reading can teach you because the rest you can only learn while you are fishing. Hopefully, this guide makes it a lot easier to catch striped bass.

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