Kayak Fishing Tips and Techniques – [How To]

Kayak Fishing Concept

The concept of fishing from a Kayak has been around for years, but it has recently garnered attention because it is an environmentally-friendly way of fishing, not to mention cost-efficient. Still, there are other reasons why kayak fishing would be appealing, such as its ability to approach fish like flounders that are shocked by motorized boats. Using a kayak to fish should help ensure that the fish you are hunting do not freak out and flee. The following are a few tips and techniques to get you started on your kayak fishing journey.

kayak fishing

Get the Kayak Ready for Fishing

The first thing that you should do is make sure that your kayak has everything you need to make your trip an easy one. Make sure you have some of the following:

Rod Holders: There are different types like the flush mounted rod holder or the tackle box holder. Both of these make it easy to store and keep your fishing rod safe.
– Anchors: Two of the best anchors are the folding anchor and the claw anchor. Make sure that they are under 3 pounds.
– Paddle Leash: The paddle leash is usually made of coiled or ‘bungee’ material, which makes it easy to secure your paddle. This is especially important when fishing because catching a fish can be jolting.

Sure, there are more bells and whistles to consider, but these are just some of the basics.

Practice Really Does Matter

One aspect of kayak fishing that might trouble beginners is casting from the kayak. The boat is narrow and usually quite light. These are positive and negative aspects of the boat. For one, it successfully gives the boat a stealth-like quality. This is the reason why fish are not easily spooked by the kayak.

On the other hand, the boat can make it hard to balance yourself as you cast. This makes it likely that you might fail or even fall into the water when casting, which is why practice is imperative. Remember some of the following tips:

– Always use your arm rather than your body to cast.
– Keep your head and body centered on the kayak. Leaning towards any side could put you at risk of tipping over.
– Calm waters allow kayakers to side straddle when casting. This means sitting sideways while dangling your feet over the water. It gives you more balance.

Launching and Approaching Fish

Two crucial but simple aspects of kayak fishing that you should remember is how to launch correctly and how to approach fish.

Just remember that when launching make sure that all your gear is secure. Any loose or heavy gear should be placed in the middle of the kayak to ensure balance. The second thing to remember is how to approach fish when you finally see them. Approaching fish is all about minimizing paddling. What you want is to let the boat drift while you gently control the direction from time to time.

Be sure to consider the following when you reach the fishing location:

– Do not hit the boat when you put your paddle down.
– Be gentle when lifting your rod.

Practice Sight Fishing

One last thing to master is sight fishing. The kayak definitely helps you get closer to certain fish, but finding them is important, too. Consider some of the following tips. They should help you spot a good place to set your anchor and fish:

– Polarized glasses should make it easy to spot the fish’s glossy skin when the water is clear.
– Look for disturbances in the water or “nervous water” as this might be revealing that there is a fish or a school of them right under.

Hopefully, some of these tips help ensure that you have a successful kayak adventure and that you come back with great catches. Always remember that fishing is all about patience, persistence, and attention to details.

Kayak Fishing Video

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