Massive Fish Kill [Investigation]

Most people will agree that the world’s ecosystem is quite delicate. An example of this was recently spotted in Suffolk County when thousands of bunker fish were found floating in the Long Island waters. From a distance, some people thought that the canal froze overnight. They found out that it was thousands upon thousands of dead bunker fish or massive fish kill. This sight might have astounded you and sent a chill down your spine.

massive fish kill

Dealing With the Massive Fish Kill

The incident occurred at the Shinnecock Canal, and most residents did not know how to explain what they were seeing. The dead fish were spread out about 180 feet across the canal. This was definitely bizarre to say the least.

One fisherperson said that you could fill up a regular-sized boat with about 2500 bunker fish in 15 minutes. Everyone worked diligently to clean up the shore and the waters to avoid the stench that would eventually arise.

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