Many people use the words trekking and hiking as if they were synonyms. They mix and match the two words unconsciously. Yes, they are similar in that you go out and explore nature.

However, there are crucial difference between hiking and trekking. It’s essential that you understand the difference between trekking and hiking so that you can select the adventure that’s right for you.

Safety is also vital. You want to pick an outdoor adventure that best suits your skill level and physical abilities. The simple way to learn how these two outdoor activities are different is to explain each term and to classify them by difficulty amongst other variables.

Hiking Tips


Hiking is defined as an extended walk for exercise or pleasure, particularly in a natural setting. It is an outdoor activity that is growing in popularity all over the world. It’s generally a day trip that requires little organization or planning. It is a walk in the trails.

However, a hike that takes more than one day is called backpacking. Most hiking trips typically finish at the point where they started. But some hikes have a different end and start points, therefore check before you begin!

For hiking trips, you require less equipment compared to mountaineering and trekking. If you are a novice hiker, begin with flatter, shorter hikes and work your way up the ladder. Be cautious not to overdo it in the name of trying to challenge yourself.



In terms of difficulty, trekking falls between mountaineering and hiking. The main distinction is that treks are typically longer than hikes. Trekking is word which means to migrate or travel, particularly with difficulty or slowly.

Unlike hiking, trekking can be done on various terrains, not restricted to nature alone. It can be on the mountains, roads, and unmarked terrains. A long trek can take weeks to complete. Trekking is ideal for testing your mental and physical limits. It helps you explore unmarked terrains and get close to nature. Trekking is a high-intensity workout that is not suitable for beginners.

Difference between Hiking and Trekking

Trekking and hiking are entirely two different things. The main difference between the two is that hiking is an outdoor leisure activity that involves walking on human-made roads and well-designed trails.

Trekking, on the other hand, is a more challenging and rigorous outdoor activity that tests your endurance, physical ability, and mental capacity. Trekking is a multi-day affair as opposed to hiking which can take only one day.

Difference Between Hiking and Trekking

Trekking Vs. Hiking: Comparison and Difference

Here is a comparison chart that analyzes hiking and trekking against various parameters as listed below




Environmental ImpactHikers damage the environment through fires and wood gatheringEnvironmental effects are greater because trekking takes many days
LocationsNormally in natural trails or hillsIn rugged places with no means of transport or mountaneous areas
EquipmentDoes not need many equipmentYou need extra equipment and clothing
Who is it good for?suitable for beginners who don’t have prior hiking experienceHigh-intensity exercise only suitable for advanced hikers

Crucial Hiking tips for Beginners

Are you planning to hit the trail but don’t know where to start? Don’t fret! These hiking tips for beginners will help you achieve your goal in no time. According to the hiking dude, these hiking tips will be useful for beginners:

Group or Solo Hiking?

Are you going to hike alone or with a group? If you want to become a skilled hiker, then it is advisable that you start hiking with a group; it’s motivating and fun. In fact, if you are a newbie, then we don’t advise you to hike alone. Challenges may arise when you decide to venture into conditions or terrains that you are not adequately prepared.

Hiking in a group will help to deter wild animals and ensure that any member gets first aid promptly if he is injured. This is one of the essential safety tips that any beginner should know.

Hiking over-packing

Know the Ten Essentials, but avoid over-packing

Most hiking blogs like will definitely remind you about the ten essential items you need to carry whenever heading out for a hike. Whether you are going on an overnight hike, day hike. or backpacking, then you must ensure that the ten essentials are packed before you go out to hike.

Learn to Hydrate Properly

Hiking beginners often forget to carry sufficient water during their hikes. Plan to bring at least one liter of water for every two hours, although this can change based on the difficulty, weather and your weight. Learning about the amount of water you require in these conditions is a crucial skill, so listen to what your body needs.

Find Comfortable Hiking Boots

Finding comfortable hiking boots that don’t create blisters is essential for a successful hiking adventure. Look for boots that fit you well and keep searching until you find hiking boots that work.

Leave your Trip Plan with a Friend or Relative

No matter how well you have prepared, something can still go wrong during your hike. Even advanced hikers make wrong decisions and land into trouble! But you need to inform a trusted relative or friend that you are going to hike. Tell them that if you don’t return by a specific date, then they should call the authorities for assistance.

Understanding the basic difference between hiking and trekking will help you ensure that you pick the right level of adventure for your experience level and interest. Enjoy your upcoming adventure!

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