When it comes to hiking or camping outfits, women have unique needs compared to men. This is because women have unusual hygiene habits and different body types. But that does not mean that they cannot look cute while freezing (sweating outdoors). However, finding the right hiking gear for women can be a huge hassle! After all, striking the right balance between function and fashion is not a breeze. Fortunately, this post will give some expert advice on trending hiking pants for women in 2022 that you need to know. If you want to give your wardrobe a new look, this post has got you covered.

Tips for Picking the Best Hiking Clothes for Women

If you are heading outdoors either for a camp or a hike, you need to make sure that you have the right gear, such as the best backpack, maps etc., but if you don’t wear the right hiking pants, your experience will be uncomfortable.

Wearing the best hiking outfit means that you understand the climate, kind of trek and temperature you will be operating. So, before you go shopping for fashionable hiking outfits for women, here are a few considerations you need to make:


The best hiking clothes are generally made from synthetic materials since they keep you dry as you begin to sweat more and work harder. Don’t be tempted to wear that cotton tee, because it will trap moisture and sweat, thus keeping you wet all over your body.

The best hiking materials are ones that are moisture-wicking, lightweight and soft. Besides keeping you dry, synthetic materials like polyester, allows your body to breathe freely, thus release pent-up heat to make sure that you are comfortable. Merino wool is another suitable material that wicks all the moisture away while keeping the nasty smells at bay.

Hiking Shorts for Women in 2020

Hiking Shorts for Women

The final decision whether to wear hiking shorts or pants is yours, so let us at the disadvantages and advantages of both. Hiking shorts will give you total freedom and are always more relaxed than the pants, thus making them preferable for low-summer hikes.


Generally, all outdoor hiking clothes embrace the layering system rule. Before you go out for a hike, always make sure that you use a three-layer system of clothing to ensure that you remain comfortable and warm during your outdoor adventure.


Your clothing safety will largely depend on the area you will be camping/hiking and the prevailing weather conditions. For instance, if you are hiking in a rainy area, a windproof rain jacket may be essential to keep you comfortable during the entire hike.

Comfort Level

There is an old saying that “cotton is rotten” that goes viral every time in the hiking world. Sweating is a method that our body uses to control temperature during workouts. Cotton absorbs water and draws sweat towards your body, thus keeps you hot during summer and chill during winter. Instead, wicking materials, like polyester and merino wool, tend to move sweat away from your body, thus saving you comfortable throughout your entire camping or hiking period. Besides, wearing fit hiking clothes is crucial as tight and fitting clothes can easily restrict your range of movements.

best hiking shirts for women

Hiking Shirts for Women

It all boils down to one word: wicking. The best hiking shirts for women are ones that will wick away all the moisture, thus keeping you dry and comfortable, whether during a cold winter or hot summer treks.

Clothing Versatility

High-quality women hiking clothes always come with a hefty price tag; therefore know that these clothes can be used for various uses. Wearing versatile clothes can make your hike more enjoyable and unforgettable.


There is nothing that can ruin your hike more than an ill-fitting pair of boots. If you are heading outdoors for the first time, then you need to consider comfort over longevity. You can later buy a sturdier, durable pair of boots once your foot has toughened up.

Fabric boots are lightweight, provides maximum comfort and are 100% waterproof. It is also advisable that you choose all-year-round hiking boots that can withstand different weather conditions.


All your hard-earned dollars spent on hiking boots could be wasted if you don’t buy high-quality socks.

Final Thoughts

Durability, comfort and range of motion are some of the crucial things to consider when shopping for trending hiking clothes for women in 2022. Wearing the right hiking clothes can differentiate between an enjoyable or uncomfortable hiking experience. So enjoy your hiking adventures outdoors by ensuring that you put the above factors into action.

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